Imo, James and the ‘Bat-Fan’ Alex return to discuss the mid-to-late 90’s transformation of the Batman franchise under director Joel Schumacher. Brooding and burlesque are out, (neon) colour and campiness are definitely in! 
What lasting impressions did Batman Forever (1995) leave on our dynamic trio? And is the notorious Batman & Robin (1997) really the franchise killer that leading-man George Clooney has apologised publicly for?
Our critics weigh up the good, the bad and the very bad in Schumacher’s entries, while also revealing what these infamous films awakened in them during their budding pre-teen years… 
Flashing forward, the critics also review the first Batman Beyond (Batman of the Future for UK listeners) straight-to-video animated feature film: Return of the Joker (2000). 
So, grab a drink, click that play button, and chhhiiiiiiillllll…
If you haven’t already, check out their review of The Batman and Burton’s originals!

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