In celebration of Amazon’s The Rings of Power (the latest cash grab to send Jeff Bezos to Mars- uh, sorry dedicated attempt to bring Middle-Earth back to the screen) Imo and James embark on another adventure. 
Returning to Peter Jackson’s critically acclaimed adaptation of JRR Tolkien’s ‘un-filmmable’ fantasy epic, how do they feel about The Lord of the Rings on it’s (near) twenty-first birthday?
For one of our critics, they have pored over Tolkien’s lore for many an Age. For the other, the movies’ theatrical cuts are the furthest into the legend they’ve ever been. Alongside remembrances of days long lost, they discuss the difficulties of adapting The Fellowship of the Ring (2001), the story’s allegorical resonance, and what Tolkien might have learned from Shrek
It’s a dangerous business, clicking that play button. You start listening, and if you don’t keep you don’t keep your ears open, there’s no knowing where this podcast will take you! 

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