The ‘Even More Eyes’ (Imo, James, Josh and Fav) continue their Bond retrospective by getting the 00’s Bond films in their sights. 
The ‘post-9/11’ Bond raises a number of questions for the critics. Does Die Another Day (2002) celebrate Bond’s 40th Anniversary with style or stupidity? What did the suited-and-re-booted Casino Royale (2006) mean for the franchise’s future? Along with this mid-decade transition, what do our critics make of the 007 re-casting from the debonair Brosnan to the chiselled Craig? And, most importantly, which of these two films has slightly seduced one of our exasperated, non-fan critics? 
To get the intel on all these questions, listen to the next episode – No One Overanalyses It Better! 

This is the second of four episodes uncovering the remembrances and relevancy of the late 20th Century / early 21st Century Bond franchise. Featuring special guests and Bond aficionados Josh and Fav.

Listen to the first episode on 90’s Bond here.

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