In this last episode of their retrospective, the ‘Even More Eyes’ (Imo, James, Josh and Fav) take aim at the Bond films of the 2010’s.
The 50th Anniversary Bond bonanza Skyfall (2012) generates a discussion around the franchise going-forward-to-the-past with a new Q, M and Moneypenny. Are they welcome returns or needlessly regressive? Things also heat up as they debate the spy’s belated bisexual reference. A few martinis later, all of the critics admit to being haunted by follow-up Spectre (2015).
With arched eye-brows raised, our group tries to untangle the questionable continuity and arguable queerness in Craig’s tenure.
Catch this discussion just in time for next week’s review of No Time To Die (2021). 

This is the third of four episodes uncovering the remembrances and relevancy of the late 20th Century / early 21st Century Bond franchise. Featuring special guests and Bond aficionados Josh and Fav. 

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