It’s a family reunion for this second episode of ‘The Spooky Season’…and you can’t get more family-oriented than American’s favourite macabre tribe: ‘The Addams Family’ (1991)-click-click! 
Our gruesome twosome, James and Imo, churn up their grave remembrances of the 90’s live-action classic. Not only that, for this Halloween Special, they compare it to the recent animated release from 2019.
What’s changed for the Addams in this reunion? Are they still as mysterious, kooky, creepy and spooky or have they become too sweet, petite and neat in their computer-generated forms? 
Join Imo and James for a visit to the Addams Family- they’re altogether ooky! (the family…not the podcasters)
By eerie coincidence, the critics also discuss the new Netflix series focusing on the dead(ly)-panned Wednesday Addams! But, before that arrived later next month, check out ‘The Adult Wednesday Addams’ mentioned in this week’s episode: 

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