Celebrating All Hallow’s Eve, the nostalgia-haunted James and Imo bring you the final episode of ‘Spoooooky Season’ (or, perhaps more accurately ‘Gay Christmas’).
They discard any pretence at watching the horrific or terrifying by opting for the pure cringy-camp of Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice (1988).
For one of our bone-chilled critics, this is their first time opening the lid on this surreal nightmare of a movie. For the other, it’s been kept under their subconscious for a long time. Do they think it’s an unhinged delight or just plain unhinged? Alongside discussing Michael Keaton’s unrecognisable, grotesque performance, they also discuss the shadows the film casts on Burton’s oeuvre.
So, check out whether they think this last film of the season is a cinematic treat or trick!

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