EVEN MORE EYES’ retrospective series ‘Nostalgia Hits Differently‘ has two very opinionated critics, James and Imo, learn that nostalgia ain’t what it used to be.

This is the first episode of a new retrospective on the Wachowski’s cyber-noir, millennium classic: ‘The Matrix’ franchise. James and Imo get ready to see how far the rabbit hole really goes in the original 1999 ‘The Matrix’.

The critics begin a ‘chin-stroking’ discussion on the intricate layers of the film…while leaving time for some Hugo Weaving impressions and the odd nitpick.

They discover:

…how the cinematography leaves no prisoners from the movie’s opening scene….

…whether the heroes choose the path to freedom or whether the path to freedom determines the heroes…

…and what that uncanny feeling is when thinking about the Matrix and plugging into social media.

This is the first of a four part series overanalysing the cinematography, philosophy and techno-cultural resonance of the Wachowski’s Matrix franchise – in contemplative armchair fashion (as if there’s any other way to discuss these films?)

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