EVEN MORE EYES’ retrospective series ‘Nostalgia Hits Differently‘ has two very opinionated critics, James and Imo, learn that nostalgia ain’t what it used to be.

Everything that has a beginning, has an end: Imo and James reach the conclusion of their retrospective with the grisly, apocalyptic, divisive finale: ‘The Matrix Revolutions’ (2003)

Anti-climatic or the apex of the trilogy’s thematic, action-packed power? The critics go on a final journey to the core of the franchise’s philosophical musings.

They discover:

…what the fuck actually happened at the end of the movie…

…how the film brings all the symbolic strands and heady issues over man and machine together….

and what ‘Revolutions’ leaves open for follow-up in the upcoming ‘Matrix 4’.

This is the final part of a four episode series overanalysing the cinematography, philosophy and techno-cultural resonance of the Wachowski’s Matrix franchise – in contemplative armchair fashion (as if there’s any other way to discuss these films?)

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