EVEN MORE EYES’ retrospective series ‘Nostalgia Hits Differently‘ has two very opinionated critics, James and Imo, learn that nostalgia ain’t what it used to be.

In this third episode of their ‘Matrix’ retrospective, Imo and James judge the expansive, propulsive, challenging 2003 sequel: ‘The Matrix Reloaded’. 

The critics have already made their choices about whether they like the movie or not, now they need to understand why. 

They discover:

…what the bloody hell the Architect was talking about in the exposition-heavy climax…

…how the movie’s philosophical musings on control, purpose and causality induce headaches…

…and why Hugo Weaving’s ‘copy + paste’ antagonist is both deviously hilarious and intriguing.

This is the third of a four part series overanalysing the cinematography, philosophy and techno-cultural resonance of the Wachowski’s Matrix franchise – in contemplative armchair fashion (as if there’s any other way to discuss these films?)

Listen to Part 1 here.

Listen to Part 2 here.

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